How & When to Use a 70-200 Lens at Weddings

Aug 05, 2023

I talk about the importance of providing an experience for our wedding couples and their guests on the podcast and throughout my course. For me, this means not standing in front of people and so close they can't have authentic emotional moments. I have a very non-obtrusive style of wedding photography, allowing me to capture those emotional moments. I do this through using my 70-200 or a longer distance lens through a large portion of a wedding day.


When I use my 70-200:

1) During the ceremony, I primarily use my 70-200 to stay at the back of the aisle and around the edges. I love allowing guests to see and enjoy watching the couple get married (& not my back!). I love getting up close guest reactions during the ceremony. 

2) In extremely harsh lighting. The 70-200 is a champ and helps avoid sunflares on extremely harsh sunny days and often times I will grab it for portraits if I have the room on sunny days

3) The first look. This is a very special and intimate moment between the couples, not between the couples and you. It can be hard for the couple to feel in the moment when you are standing right next to them. Using a 70-200 can allow you to step far back and give them the space to have that moment. A lot of times, I can hardly even hear what they are saying. Honestly...the is kind of the point. It is their moment. 

4) I like to capture speeches with my 70-200 so that guests can see the speeches. I also am such a huge fan of guest/family reactions, which you don't get as much when they know you are looking at them. Using the 70-200 allows you to get those shots without ruining the moment. 


I know, I know.. you want to see. Here are some photos I've taken with my 70-200!


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