My Wedding Day Gear

Sep 24, 2023

A question I get frequently is, what gear + bags do you take to weddings? As a full-time wedding photographer, I shoot about 40 weddings per year and being organized is a must have.


BAGS: Let's start with carrying my gear. For a long time, I used a Husky tool chest (which I loved) on wheels and really put everything in it. I did love this method, but when I become pregnant, I stopped being able to pick it up. This is when I shifted to separating my gear so I could grab what I needed. I have a detail/flatlay shot bag. It is nice to be able to take this back to my vehicle when I am done with the detail shots so I am not carrying this stuff around all day. I have a backup for all my cameras, lenses, and accessories. Then I have one more bag for my off camera flash gear. I like having this separated because not every wedding I shoot needs off camera flash, so I can always leave it in my vehicle if it isn't needed. The last thing that is a must for me is a fanny pack or over the chest bag to keep my personal items in. I don't love the idea of leaving my phone, car keys, and credit cards in a bag inside the venue somewhere. I like to keep those things on me, because unfortunately anything can happen. I keep my phone, car keys, chapstick, credit card/ID, business cards, chapstick, snack, extra battery, and timeline details in my fanny pack.

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Fanny pack:

Brixley bag:

Camera backpack:

Off Camera flash bag:

Detail shot/flatlay detail bag:


Camera & lenses I use:


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Additional accessories:


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