The Reality of RV Life & Being a Traveling Photographer

Jun 13, 2023

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lucy Schultz on the podcast and she gave us some insight about the realities of what it is like to be a traveling photographer who lives in an RV.



About Lucy:

Lucy has been a photographer for about 14 years and went from being a wedding photographer to specializing in elopements. She is an elopement photographer who currently shoots in National Parks and the wild lands outside of them. Before the RV life, Lucy and her husband owned a home in Denver. They ended up getting stuck with horrible neighbors that made them want to sell and leave their home. They ended up not being able to find a home quick enough and her husband suggested living in an RV temporarily while they figured out their next steps. Shocker, Lucy didn't even want to do this! Two weeks later, they bought an RV. After about six months, they both decided they liked it and changed "temporarily" living in an RV to permanently living in an RV. 


Give us some realities of what it is like living full time in an RV: 

  • If you stayed at RV sites all the time, it would be the same as a mortgage, which defeats a lot of the purpose. In order to keep costs down to afford their lifestyle, Lucy and her husband only stay at RV parks a couple nights per month. That means, outside of that, they are boondocking.
  • Your utilies are always chores. There are so many chores that go into maintaining the RV as their home. 
  • You always have to be thinking about the liquids. Everything from diesel, gas, propone, fresh water, grey water, water (ugh!). Your life ends up revolving around these liquids because you have to pay to get them, then you have to pay to get rid of them. 
  • Things are constantly breaking in the RV and there is constant maintenance.
  • Sometimes it can be a struggle to find the resources you need, like propone.
  • No Amazon, this might be an adjustment for those with an Amazon shopping addiction. You can't get things shipped to you. 
  • There is always a risk of breaking down. You have to give yourself ample time to get somewhere. 


Do you have wifi or a hot spot in the RV?

Before living in the RV, Lucy thought this was going to be an issue. But, it has turned out to be a non-issue. They have their own wifi network that runs off their mobile phone plans. Anywhere they have cell service, they are able to get fast wifi. It is not through a hotspot, instead it is a third phone line and they put that sim card into their LTZ modem router combo. 


How is your workflow for running your business different now that you live in an RV vs living in a stationary home?

Lucy says her workflow is basically the same. She picked up her desk and essentially put it in her fifth wheel, she has a full desk set up in the RV. (Her desktop is bolted to the desk!). The thing that has changed is less about how she runs her business on the backend and more the bookings she is able to take. She can no longer take smaller portrait sessions or half day bookings and has had to increase her minimums to book. She now starts at full-day bookings for elopements. 


Do you charge travel fees for your packages?

No, Lucy rolls in travel into her package prices. 


Where are your leads and bookings coming from?

Lucy has multiple steams of where her leads are coming from including SEO, word of mouth referrals, and blogging + how to guides. She actually even has found leads on Reddit. Lucy says she has tried paid advertising through Google and social media but just didn't find success there. This is a challenge of being on the road. 


Listen to the podcast for the stories

Lucy ends the podcast episode with two stories that are WORTH listening to, you will be rolling on the ground laughing (I promise!). 



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